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I have extensive experience with SEO, website development, graphic design, and digital photography.

SEO Expert - Patrick LaJuett

Patrick LaJuett


Digital marketing and SEO expert with a visual design background.  Passionate about web technology and lead generation. Skilled at learning new technologies and building customer relationships. A unique combination of technical expertise and graphic design skills.


Search engine optimization, lead generation, marketing, and graphic design. Communication skills, planning and organization, problem-solving and decision-making, customer focus, and business acumen.

Software Expertise


Monroe Community College

Rochester Institute of Technology



Chief Marketing Officer - Bill Perfect, Inc.

Guiding the company's marketing efforts and UX design for the flagship telecom billing system, TimelyBill.


Web Design Agency Co-owner - MaidenWebDesign.com

Working to reshape and evolve customer marketing efforts. Developing websites, designing logos, and managing SEO campaigns in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina.


Digital Media Architect - Network Invention

Developed corporate identity and branding for three technology companies (Network Invention, OmniOSS & Timely Information Corp). Project manager, developer, and lead GUI designer for telecommunications billing application.


Web Technologist - Paychex, Inc.

Web technology consultant and technical support for internal websites. Established web design guidelines and standards for the online presentation of corporate information.

Licenses & certifications



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I am responsible for this website and have created the content on all pages. As such, I'm very eager to tell you all about myself :-).

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