SEO Expert

Patrick LaJuett — SEO Experience

My SEO journey started back in the early 2000s when I launched my own business. Out of necessity, I taught myself how to write both content and code. I got hooked on SEO when my company website started to outrank national ad agencies. I've been obsessed with search optimization concepts and techniques ever since.

Over the past two decades, I have honed expert SEO and content marketing skills. I have worked on hundreds of websites, including digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500's. My clients have come to trust me as a go-to source for both on-page SEO and organic traffic growth.

I primarily focus on understanding the "content experience" and working to improve it. Content experience is the environment in which content exists, how it's structured, and how it compels audiences to engage. This approach helps brands create better relationships with their audiences.

SEO Acumen

  • Degrees in both IT and Visual Communications

  • 20+ years of search engine optimization experience

  • Broad knowledge of technical SEO

  • Proficient content writer with hundreds of blog posts, press releases and pages published

  • Intimately familiar with Google's Search Console and Google Analytics

  • Proficiency in HTML, JavaScript, .NET, CSS, WordPress and Google Sites

  • Experience managing complex, large-scale SEO efforts for large consumer brands

  • Project management experience in fast-paced environments

  • Experience with both B2B and B2C marketing

  • Effective, efficient and clear, cross-functional communicator

  • Laser focused on create websites with legitimacy and ranking power

SEO Focus

  1. Lead generation

  2. Click-through conversions

  3. Holistic digital marketing strategies

  4. Brand building and awareness

  5. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

  6. Page speed optimization

  7. Content experience analysis

  8. User experience analysis

SEO Pro Tip

When creating content for a website, focus on what's most helpful to your users and provide sufficient value for whatever the topic might be.